Wednesday, September 9, 2009

PDX Collective Sale

It's that time of year again - end of summer sale at The Cleaner's at The Ace Hotel (1022 SW Stark) this Sunday from 11am - 5pm. Great deals to be found from 11 Portland boutiques including Nolita, Le Train Bleu, Radish Underground, Pin-Me, Shoefly and Moxie to name a few.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Pimientos de Padrón

Pimientos de Padrón are one of the oldest non-hybrid peppers. As the story goes, Franciscan monks brought them to Spain from Mexico in the 18th century. They gained a name for themselves in the town of Padrón in the northwestern province of Galicia. On a recent visit to Spain I discovered these tasty little peppers, which are typically sweeter than they are spicy. However, it's said that every 1 in 5 is hot, which makes eating them fun - in a culinary russian roulette kind of way. They are a favorite in tapas bars.

These peppers came from the Portland Farmer's Mkt by way of Viridian Farms. I'm going to lightly sear them in olive oil, sprinkle with sea salt and enjoy them tonight with a glass of chilled

Gilt Club

Apologies for the dark photo, but I couldn't resist this outfit worn by one of the servers last Friday night at Gilt . Naturally I noticed her shoes first, which I also happen to own a pair of - Fryes - the Carson pull on. These soft, slouchy, antiqued vintage leather boots paired with a satin red dress from Rock n' Rose vintage clothing store, and a belt by Diesel were effortlessly pulled together. This is how to shop, and dress! Oh yeah, and the Moscow Mule - served in the traditional copper cup - is a must-have at Gilt.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Dumpster "Dive"

I love this idea! Old dumpsters turned into urban pools. This project was developed by a trio of design creatives at Macro|Sea, they created secret pool hangouts in abandoned parking lots in Brooklyn. Their objective, to show people that "with not too much expense you can creatively reuse what is basically considered urban detritus and make something really cool and fun and also fairly easy to put together.” It took them 12 days to gather their materials and assemble the pool. All you need is a big dumpster, seal up the seams, add a liner, fill it with sand for a soft bottom, add a tarp and a lot of water. Portland, take note....2010.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Street Art - Amsterdam June 2009

Walking along the street in Amsterdam near Utrechtstaad and Hotel V this caught my eye. The bottom photo shows a close up of the cat in the main image. I like the unexpected usage of mixed media in this otherwise graffiti-like mural. I didn't notice until later when looking at these photos that to the right of the cat is a little mouse, also depicted as fur art.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

No Oil

This photo was taken in Spain, but I think it makes a nice complement for a post about a bicycle blogger I read about in last Sunday's Style section of the New York Times.

Bike Snob NYC "the most talked-about bike blogger of the moment" is
an avid cyclist, who writes/vents about his cycling encounters for the amusement and betterment of others. His criticism is fierce, yet entertaining and harmless, and he maintains an anonymous identity which is critical to his online persona.

What caught my attention in the article was his reference to Portland. (a little game I like to play is to count how many times Portland is mentioned in the NYT - they seem to be smitten with our fair city) It was this quote from the Bike Snob that lead me to read his blog...

“Is there any news or pop cultural event around which the people of Portland will not form some sort of kitschy theme ride?” he wrote about a Michael Jackson tribute ride in the cycling mecca of Portland, Ore. “Do they just sit around waiting for things to happen or for people to die so they can put on stupid outfits and jump on their bikes?”

Funny, after reading this I started noticing how true it is... Portland loves theme rides. Bike movie night at Cyan, Cyclorama night at the Clinton St Theatre, bicycle bar tour organized by Clever Cycles, naked rides.... well, and why not, it's summer! Our most cherished and shortest season of the year in the pacific NW, we love to take full advantage of it.

While I'm by no means an avid cyclist (I live in Portland, I own a bike), I find this guy's blog pretty entertaining and I particularly like his cynical and witty writing style, so check it out.

Speaking of organized rides - beware, the Bridge Pedal is this Sunday - so sleep in and avoid the insanity of people who ride their bikes once a year in a group of thousands.

Monday, August 3, 2009

The Mary Nell

Possibly the most photographed bloody mary in Portland right now - and you can see why. It's a meal in a glass! Cafe Nell serves up an artfully garnished bloody mary complete with a jumbo poached prawn, pickled beans, pepperincini, an olive, pearl onion, and my favorite part which was unexpected - a skewer of spanish style chorizo and sharp cheddar cheese. Deelish!
NW 19th & Kearny